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Architectural Conservation of an Amun Temple in Sudan

8 February 2013


Excavation of a 2000 year old Amun Temple at Dangeil in Sudan. Under the directorship of Drs Salah Mohammed Ahmed of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, Khartoum and Julie R Anderson of the British Museum, London an excavation of the temple commenced in 2000. Dangeil is located to the south of the 5th Nile cataract in Sudan. In 2008, a preliminary visit was organised to intiate a conservation programme and trials to the architectural fabric of the temple. The materials used in the temple's construction include mud brick, fired brick, lime plaster and sandstone. During the subsequent seasons following 2008 adjustments and evaluations of the previous year's completed trials have been assessed. This case study outlines the progress of the site to date.


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