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British Museum Research Publications


The Research Publications series publishes the results of research undertaken by Museum staff and associated researchers.

These can be in the form of excavation reports, collection catalogues, monographs and conference proceedings. The aim of the series is to make the Museum's research as widely accessible as possible, with a number of books available for free download in pdf format.

Originally called Occasional Papers, the series has been published since 1978 with over 200 books in print. Around six titles are published each year, and all are externally peer reviewed.

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Neolithic stone and flint axes from the River Thames : an illustrated corpus

Adkins, Roy 1978 2022-02-01 Pubblico

Excavations at the Lower Palaeolithic Site at East Farm, Barnham, Suffolk 1989-94

Ashton, Nick ;   Lewis, Simon G. ;   Parfitt, Simon A. 1998 2022-01-12 Pubblico

Relics and Relic Worship in Early Buddhism: India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Burma

Stargardt, Janice ;   Willis, Michael 2018 2021-11-08 Pubblico

Amaravati: The Art of an Early Buddhist Monument in Context

Shimada, Akira ;   Willis, Michael 2016 2021-07-06 Pubblico

Charles Masson: Collections from Begram and Kabul Bazaar, Afghanistan, 1833–1838

Errington, Elizabeth 2021 2021-07-05 Pubblico

Precious Treasures from the Diamond Throne: Finds from the Site of the Buddha’s Enlightenment

Willis, Michael 2021 2021-06-14 Pubblico

The Charles Masson Archive: British Library, British Museum and Other Documents Relating to the 1832–1838 Masson Collection from Afghanistan

Errington, Elizabeth 2017 2021-06-10 Pubblico

Charles Masson and the Buddhist Sites of Afghanistan: Explorations, Excavations, Collections 1832−1835

Errington, Elizabeth 2017 2021-06-09 Pubblico

Ceramic Exchange and the Indian Ocean Economy (AD 400–1275) Volume I: Analysis

Priestman, Seth M.N. 2021 2021-06-03 Pubblico

Ceramic Exchange and Indian Ocean Economy (AD 400–1275). Volume II: Indian Ocean Pottery Classification

Priestman, Seth M.N. 2021 2021-06-02 Pubblico