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British Museum Research Publications


The Research Publications series publishes the results of research undertaken by Museum staff and associated researchers.

These can be in the form of excavation reports, collection catalogues, monographs and conference proceedings. The aim of the series is to make the Museum's research as widely accessible as possible, with a number of books available for free download in pdf format.

Originally called Occasional Papers, the series has been published since 1978 with over 200 books in print. Around six titles are published each year, and all are externally peer reviewed.

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Objects as Insights: R.H. Codrington’s Ethnographic Collections from Melanesia

Stanley, Nick 2021 2022-06-06 Öffentlichkeit

A Royal Renaissance Treasure and its Afterlives: The Royal Clock Salt

Schroder, Timothy ;   Thornton, Dora 2021 2022-06-06 Öffentlichkeit

The Berthier-Delagarde Collection of Crimean Jewellery in the BM and Related Material

Andrási, Júlia 2008 2022-06-06 Öffentlichkeit

Kom Firin I: The Ramesside Temple and the Site Survey

Spencer, Neal 2008 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit

The Cuerdale Hoard and related Viking-Age silver and gold from Britain and Ireland in the British Museum

Graham-Campbell, James 2011 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit

The British Museum and the Future of UK Numismatics

Cook, Barrie 2011 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit

Catalogue of the Japanese Coin Collection (pre-Meiji) at the British Museum (with special reference to Kutsuki Masatsuna)

Wang, Helen ;   Cribb, Joe ;   Sakuraki, Shin’ichi ;   Kornicki, Peter ;   Screech, Timon … 2010 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit

Chronology of Temporary Exhibitions at the British Museum

Bowring, Joanna 2012 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit

Acropolis Restored

Bouras, Charalambos ;   Ioannidou, Maria ;   Jenkins, Ian 2012 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit

Kom Firin II: The Urban Fabric and Landscape

Spencer, Neal 2014 2022-05-25 Öffentlichkeit